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If you don't like the animation it's fine, but BGC 2040 also has an
interesting story, kinda where the OAVs were aiming at, but never made it to
due to their short length. It's nearly four times the length of the OAV and
manages to fit some interesting plot developments in there after all the
characters are in place. So you kind of dropped it just as it was about to
get interesting. But that's just my opinion.
 I personally think the character designs are sort of the new 90's'll notice that in some of the more recent anime shows like
Cowboy Bebop, there is sort of a trend toward making the characters have
smaller eyes and more proportioned faces, giving anime less of a cartoony
look and more of a 'real' look. I've noticed similar patterns in 0083(By the
same designer as Bebop)even though it's 8 years old(Still looks good,

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> >BGC 2040 has nice artwork, it just doesn't move around that much. You do
> >know what a pan cel is don't you?
> Exactly the way I felt when I saw it. The character designs aren't very
> detailed, reminding me of when the Batman Animated series simplified the
> of all their characters for budgeting purposes. Then I noticed the
> was very static. Lots of shots where the characters weren't moving much
> their mouths and too many pans over still frames. I went back and
> the original BGC OVAs (which were made 13 YEARS earlier) and was shocked
> how much better the animation was. Lots of movement and detail. I know
> have higher budgets than TV series but, after this much time, I didn't
> the difference would be so shocking. Plus, I like 80's pop music better
> 90's modern rock. Anyways, I stopped watching BGC after 8 episodes or so.
> appearance of the kid with the Shinji Ikari-dub voice (the one who sounds
> he has a frog in his throat) clinched it. When I see kids in anime, it
> irritates me when they sound like adults trying to sound like kids.
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