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> There's a fourth possibility which, in many ways, is worse. If a missile
> passes through the colony wall before hitting one of the bay blocks, it
> could screw up the system of bearings which allows the bay block to remain
> stationary. The bay block masses much less than the rotating portion of the
> colony, so if it seizes up it will start spinning nearly as fast as the
> colony proper. This means everyone in the bay block goes splat on the wall
> as it starts moving. Furthermore, the colony's rate of spin will suddenly
> drop quite a bit. This might not be enough to splatter the occupants like
> the people in the bay block, but it could be enough to cause the mirrors to
> tear off.

Hmmm. That could be what happened to Texas colony.

The bay blocks are considerably smaller than the colony proper, with a maximum
diameter of two kilometers, so even at a full half-RPM the "gravity" will be
cloe to that of the Moon.

In fact, I've often felt that the docking bay block SHOULD spin along with the
rest of the colony, with a large permanently-evacuated bay to receive ships. As
the ships are drawn away from the axis of rotations, they gain "weight" enough
to bring them to rest against the inner wall of the block. There'd be enough
"gravity" to make maintenance easier, but not enough to make it even more

Launching back into space would even simpler. Instead of raising the ship back
up into the airless axis and shoving it back the way it came in, I'd "lower" it
out the "bottom" of the bay block and turn it loose, using the rotation of the
block as a catapult.

I can't take credit for that idea -- Tomino has escape pods launch from the
colony proper in this fashion in his Gundam novelizations.


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