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>No no, notice the "quotes" when I said modern. The point I was trying to
>make is that its definately early 80's animation in style, but it no longer
>seems odd once you watch a few episodes. I got into anime only a few years
>ago, so I missed a lot of early 80's anime, and can probably count on one
>hand the number of series' I've seen from that era. When I watched the first
>episode of Zeta i was really turned off by the character designs and the way
>people moved, but after seeing a few episodes, I realized it wasn't an
>indication of low quality, it was just the way stuff was animated back then.
>I certainly prefer it to Wing's overuse of stock footage, since everything
>tends to look significantly more detailed.
>I guess what I should have said was that its animation style is radically
>different from most modern stuff, and whether you like it or not is going to
>be a matter of personal taste. I should have been a bit more clear.

I have to disagree with the more detail thing, Wing has very lazy artwork
where detail is very lacking on MS's and People, if you'd look at a still
frame of an Action scene you'd know what I mean, but don't get me wrong, most
of the Alternate universe suffer from this as well.And another big problem
that shows up sometimes is something that rarely shows up in anime, I don't
know how to describe it but as distortion, If you've watched american cartoons
you'd know what I mean. Its when the animation moves and some how it seems so
out of propotion compared to the shot before like the X-men Cartoon.

- Roger



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