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Well ...
If we consider each series to be an entirely seperate entity and we don't
have any comparisons between series going on, if I see character designs I
don't like, it will assuredly have a negative influence on my opinion of the
show. If the show has enough other things going for it, it can be ignored
(Take Escaflowne, I love the character designs, except for the noses
everyone sports. It was disconcerting at first, but didn't ultimately
detract from the show). I certainly won't generalize and say that I dislike
new character designs, as some of my favorite characters have been from
recent series (Suzuka from Outlaw Star, Daigouji Guy from Nadesico), but
likewise, there are many older character designs I also love.
If we start comparing shows, take BGC2040 which was recently discussed on
the list, and compare it to the original BGC, I'd say I mostly prefer the
original designs. Sure, Priss has evil 80's hair and the character design
could be called "dated" (which of course it is, its from the '80's.
Therefore its dated by definition), but 2040's character designs seem pretty
generic. The most common comparison I've heard was, I believe, El Hazard.
Having never seen the series myself I can't say for sure, but I really get a
"been-there-done-that" feeling when I look at them. If I give the show
another shot and find the story really engrossing, I can forgive it and move
on, but if I don't like the story, bad (read: my opinion of bad) character
designs are just another nail in the coffin.
Anime is a highly visual artform, and how you percieve something to look
_will_ affect your judgement. Imagine a painter paints a beautiful painting.
And then someone paints their own painting but in an identical style. If you
consider them seperately, they're both great, but together, those that
follow lose a bit of uniqueness.

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> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- > Hash: SHA1 > > OK, that makes more sense. > > On a bit of a tangent, why do people get so hung up on the style of a > character design? I can't name how many times I have seen older > series panned by newer fans simply because the character designs are > 10 years old, and conversely, I don't even want to go into how many > of my friends say they just can't watch newer anime because the > character designs are just so "God awful!" > > Personally, I expect the character designs in every series to be > entirely different from one another, so I find it very hard to > understand how '70s character designs from MSG, can somehow detract > from someone enjoying Burn-up W, or vise versa. I have always taken > it as a given that VOTOMS characters look like VOTOMS characters, and > that Outlaw Star characters would not look at all like VOTOMS > characters, so I don't understand how there is any bleed over between > peoples attitudes between the two. > > Anyone have any comments? >

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