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> I must say that I can't for the life of me fathom what you mean here.
> The character designs in Zeta are certainly dated, but aside from
> that I think that Zeta is across the board better done than a show
> like Wing. It has better mech designs, better ship designs, higher
> cel count, higher line count, and fewer reused animation sequences. I
> mean I am not sure exactly what you mean when you say it "isn't up to
> "modern" standards," but by any standard I can think to judge it,
> aside from how '90s the character designs are, it stacks up pretty
> well against any other Gundam TV show. Oh, and before anyone tries to
> tell me I need to rewatch the two shows, let me say that I have all
> of Zeta on LD, have seen all of Wing, and have the first Wing DVD,
> and am basing my opinion on a head to head viewing of Zeta vs. Wing I
> just did.
Hmm, I see that there are 3 or 4 replies in my mailbox from you but I haven't
read all of them yet. Let me say that I am _SURE_ that the person whose post
you are referring to is a gundam geek of the first order, and they were
referring to the animation quality of the first (and second) series....
Trust me, I have yet to see an oldskooler dis the production quality or
whatever of the gundam anime.... seems about 90% of the people love Zeta
(Gotta agree with em) and loathe Wing (While I think it's an OK series it's
not what it's cracked up to be) Chill out man, these people are defending
Zeta, not trashing it, just letting the younger fans know what was what.

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