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OK, that makes more sense.

On a bit of a tangent, why do people get so hung up on the style of a
character design? I can't name how many times I have seen older
series panned by newer fans simply because the character designs are
10 years old, and conversely, I don't even want to go into how many
of my friends say they just can't watch newer anime because the
character designs are just so "God awful!"

Personally, I expect the character designs in every series to be
entirely different from one another, so I find it very hard to
understand how '70s character designs from MSG, can somehow detract
from someone enjoying Burn-up W, or vise versa. I have always taken
it as a given that VOTOMS characters look like VOTOMS characters, and
that Outlaw Star characters would not look at all like VOTOMS
characters, so I don't understand how there is any bleed over between
peoples attitudes between the two.

Anyone have any comments?

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> No no, notice the "quotes" when I said modern. The point I was
> trying to make is that its definately early 80's animation in
> style, but it no longer seems odd once you watch a few episodes. I
> got into anime only a few years ago, so I missed a lot of early
> 80's anime, and can probably count on one hand the number of
> series' I've seen from that era. When I watched the first episode
> of Zeta i was really turned off by the character designs and the
> way people moved, but after seeing a few episodes, I realized it
> wasn't an indication of low quality, it was just the way stuff was
> animated back then. I certainly prefer it to Wing's overuse of
> stock footage, since everything tends to look significantly more
> detailed.
> I guess what I should have said was that its animation style is
> radically different from most modern stuff, and whether you like it
> or not is going to be a matter of personal taste. I should have
> been a bit more clear.
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> > I must say that I can't for the life of me fathom what you mean
> > here. The character designs in Zeta are certainly dated, but
> > aside from that I think that Zeta is across the board better done
> > than a show like Wing. It has better mech designs, better ship
> > designs, higher cel count, higher line count, and fewer reused
> > animation sequences. I mean I am not sure exactly what you mean
> > when you say it "isn't up to "modern" standards," but by any
> > standard I can think to judge it, aside from how '90s the
> > character designs are, it stacks up pretty well against any other
> > Gundam TV show. Oh, and before anyone tries to tell me I need to
> > rewatch the two shows, let me say that I have all of Zeta on LD,
> > have seen all of Wing, and have the first Wing DVD, and am basing
> > my opinion on a head to head viewing of Zeta vs. Wing I just did.
> >
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> >
> >
> > >Certainly Zeta, which I have seen, isn't up to "modern"
> > > standards, but after you watch a few episodes of it you no
> > > longer notice the difference and just sit back and enjoy the
> > > show..
> >
> >
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