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I am curious why you say this. The past few years have seen some of
the most experimental pieces ever to come out of anime, so I find it
odd that you say it is more stagnant than ever. I mean EVA, Perfect
Blue, Lain, Cowboy BeBop, Photon, Outlaw Star, all of these pieces
had a new take on the genre in either story, style or both. To me
that seems like far more innovation than what we were seeing in the
mid '80s early '90s. For that matter, as much as I love the mech
shows of the '80s I hardly think that saying 'Hey, here's an idea,
lets do a show with a bunch of mechs and some unwilling young hero
dragged into a conflict outside of his control' was really that big a
chance, or particularly innovative for the '80s.

It seems to me that anime has finally become mature enough as a genre
to allow animators to start moving away from strictly merchandised
properties, and start focusing on story and style in a way that has
been previously frowned upon by studios. It seems that every new
'hot' show has a radically new art style to go with it, and most
importantly, directors are being given the chance to take the genre
in directions that have not been tried before, rather than having to
hide a good show in the clothes of some other hit series to get
people to watch it. I don't see how any of this adds up to anime
being stagnant.

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> Todays animators often take alot less chances, there seems to be
> alot less innovation (in terms of FX and the lot) than in that 80s
> boom period. Sure you see the occasional Escaflowne, or bebop, but
> in general anime is rather stagnant right now.

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