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>Here's something else to consider: transit time. Minimum energy yields
>time, which is what you'll find in the table on my Gundam High Frontier
>But you can accelerate all the way and slinghsot around the Moon to get a
>minimum time down to 15 minutes, with the added bonus of terminal
>velocities an
>order of magnitude higher.
>You can even slingshot around the EARTH, then the Moon, and slap Zeon up
>the head at something like 50 gees. From L4, 60 degrees ahead of the Moon,
>drop down and around the Earth -- two and half days down, two and a half
>back up. During those five days, the Moon moves forward one-sixth of its
>orbit. Up comes your missile, just in time to be deflected AROUND the Moon
>smack into Side 3.
>If you launch on Days One and Two of the One Week War, your barrage arrives
>Days Six and Seven.
>For that matter, the folks in L4 can just use retro rockets to kill the
>momentum of any large masses they have flying around. L3 will be passing
>way in a few days. But the Around The World In 120 Hours trick turns any
>into a killer diller by dint of good old F = mv-squared.

Orbital mechanics are such fun!


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