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--- Peter Savin <> wrote:

> I just aquired 2 1/100 Galbaldy-B kits (wish I had a
> 3rd!), and plan to convert them into the Gaz-R/L
> shiny chrome will look really nice next to my nearly

> completed Hyaku-Shiki!). I had the Gaz-R/L kit years

> ago (long since lost), and am trying to remember all

> of the differences between the MS's. The shoulder
> armor, backpack mounted beam sabre, and "joust" are
> the differences I remember. Are there others?

1. colours (chest and skirt armor) - GazL is red, Gaz
R is blue;

2. beam rifle - GazL's has its gunsight on the
leftside and GazR's on the rightside.

3. custom forearm armour - GazL's on the left, and
GazR's on the right.

> It seems the the backpack must be different to
> the beam sabre. Does anyone have any pictures of
> back?

Mechadomain doen's have it, but yes both Gaz spot a
backpack similar to RX-78, with a apir of big beam
sabre store on each side.


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