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> >I'd expect biologicals, too, aimed at the farmsats rather than the populace
> You are expecting an unguided (or as Blackeagle suggest, inertially
> guided) missile travelling across the System to be able to achieve the
> accuracy to hit a target that's slight more than 500m in diameter?

We hit a target smaller than that at a much greater distance when we shot
Voyager out to Jupiter. That was a three-cushion ricochet the hard way,
slingshot around Venus, then around Earth, then back around Venus to Jupiter.
And that was just to get started. A few ounces of CO2 and Voyager made the
Grand Tour out of the Solar system, never missing its target by more than a few
hundred FEET.

Now THAT'S rocket science! Nowadays, we get within 130 feet (or was it meters?)
of a frickin' PLANET and run outta gas...! (-_-)

Here's something else to consider: transit time. Minimum energy yields maximum
time, which is what you'll find in the table on my Gundam High Frontier page.
But you can accelerate all the way and slinghsot around the Moon to get a
minimum time down to 15 minutes, with the added bonus of terminal velocities an
order of magnitude higher.

You can even slingshot around the EARTH, then the Moon, and slap Zeon up side
the head at something like 50 gees. From L4, 60 degrees ahead of the Moon, you
drop down and around the Earth -- two and half days down, two and a half days
back up. During those five days, the Moon moves forward one-sixth of its 29-day
orbit. Up comes your missile, just in time to be deflected AROUND the Moon and
smack into Side 3.

If you launch on Days One and Two of the One Week War, your barrage arrives on
Days Six and Seven.

For that matter, the folks in L4 can just use retro rockets to kill the forward
momentum of any large masses they have flying around. L3 will be passing that
way in a few days. But the Around The World In 120 Hours trick turns any mass
into a killer diller by dint of good old F = mv-squared.


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