fsjmk (fsjmk@uaf.edu)
Fri, 23 Jun 2000 16:43:52 -0800

>BGC 2040 has nice artwork, it just doesn't move around that much. You do
>know what a pan cel is don't you?

Exactly the way I felt when I saw it. The character designs aren't very
detailed, reminding me of when the Batman Animated series simplified the look
of all their characters for budgeting purposes. Then I noticed the animation
was very static. Lots of shots where the characters weren't moving much except
their mouths and too many pans over still frames. I went back and rewatched
the original BGC OVAs (which were made 13 YEARS earlier) and was shocked at
how much better the animation was. Lots of movement and detail. I know OVAs
have higher budgets than TV series but, after this much time, I didn't think
the difference would be so shocking. Plus, I like 80's pop music better than
90's modern rock. Anyways, I stopped watching BGC after 8 episodes or so. The
appearance of the kid with the Shinji Ikari-dub voice (the one who sounds like
he has a frog in his throat) clinched it. When I see kids in anime, it really
irritates me when they sound like adults trying to sound like kids.

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