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> I like Nene's style now -- looks a lot more mature than the kawaii
>look she had.

That's the main reason I have no problem with it. Although there was the one part where she had part of it held up in two little "tails" (I can't think of a better term right now) while talking to Linna. That made her look very young.

>>I liked it better when it was black and she was always wearing that
>headband. As they said in the dub when Priss's band first sees her, she's
>kind of a mousy country babe now.
> Well, her new background *is* a mousy country babe -- she went back
>home for a matchmaking session later. It was quite funny. =)

That is true. And I agree, that was a funny couple of episodes to watch. I particualarly remember her thoughts on the way back, something like: "I can't believe I asked him to loan me the money, or that he actually GAVE it to me!", and also, "What do they think we are? *laugh* Single."

And yes, if the above doesn't give enough of a clue, I've only gotten the dubs, and I'm going by memory, so the lines are probably a bit different, but that was the gist of those two scenes.

I also love the interaction going on between Linna and Priss. I enjoyed that scene where Linna first goes over to Priss's place and tells her that she does have a goal; to replace her as top dog in the Knight Sabers.

Also, the latest volume, the one with the matchmaking scenes, has also really built up the mystery concerning Mackie, which was never truly hinted at in the original OAVs, but was in some of the manga I've seen. I can't wait to see Nene's confrontation with Sylia about it in the next tape.

Anyways, while I'm enjoying this, we probably shouldn't be discussing it at such length on the GML.


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