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At 16:45 06/23/2000 -0000, Roland Thigpen wrote:
>Go on and watch the rest of it. The story is great. Whether or not you like
the characters is your choice.

        The story gets much better as we go down. It's an excellent series
that IMO has exceeded the original.

>Personally, like I've said before I like all the Knight Sabers' new looks
except Lina's, so I simply imagine her looking as she did before.

        Linna isn't exactly very different from previously; Sylia and Nene
were the major changes, but IMO it's all pretty much for the better. For
one, Linna actually had more of a personality now..

>BTW, what do you think of Priss's new appearance? I think it is a definate
improvement over the original as I couldn't stand her hair in the OAV.

        Definitely. =)

>Oh, and one other way I can prove I'm a BGC fan: the wallpaper on my home
computer is a pick of the Knight Sabers in the suits they wear under the
power armor (I forget what they call them at the moment).

        Just "innerwear", I think.

>But my screen saver is the Nerve logo from Evangelion and my office
computer has a nice picture of Pirotess from Record of Lodoss War.

        Oh, right. A slight note for Lodoss War fans. Apparently the Seiyuu
for Deedlit died in Feburary this year..

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