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Roland Thigpen wrote:

> Martian Successor Nadesico? Brain Powered? All of those are of lower to comparable quality at least (and comparable only in the cases of Nadesico and Brain Powered).

Whoa buddy, Nadesico has way better animation. BGC 2040 has nice artwork, it just doesn't move around that much. You do know what a pan cel is don't you?

AIC has also started doing alot of stupid digital panning effects like in "Sol Bianca the Screw jo--er Legacy."

Silent Mobius tv has similar problems but since it was a little truer to the feeling of it's source material, I like it a bit better.

I haven't seen that much 2040 yet though, so I won't go so far as to say it sucks or anything I just get tired of people going on about "the great animation quality" in recent AIC shows. (Especially in comparison to originals.

The darker story is interesting... I just hate the new Knight Sabers.

> >YAS's MSG designs hold up very well, They have been very influential to alot of designers over the years. They do a brilliant job of projecting the personality of the character that they represent.
> >
> >---Brett Jensen
> I have no doubt they have influenced mecha designers over the years. Doesn't stop me from finding them blocky, loud and entirely not to my tastes. I much prefer the retcons seen in later Gundam series.

Not suprising with the tremendous talent of Mikimoto and Kawamoto in the OAVs.

---Brett Jensen

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