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>> Still doesn't quite answer the question. How much bigger in terms of
>> manpower is the Federation military compared to the Zeon military?
>Same as it ever was. 9:2, with Earth and Zeon (Side 3) dead even at 1:1.

        That's population figures, right? I meant military manpower
strengths. That's different from what you gave, especially if:

        1. Zeon has a higher conscription rate -- which seems likely.
        2. The Federation is reluctant (before OYW) to recruit from Spacenoids.

>And what would THAT ratio be? I've tried Mecha Domain and crew count is
>conspicuous by its absence from the statistics there.

        Definitely more than 1:1. (^_^)

        Taking a look at a Salamis cruiser, I'll guess there's about 50 or
more crew per ship, especially if there's heavy automation on the ships. If
you attack with 3 Zakus, and lose 2 but sink the ship, that's still a 1:25
ratio in favour of Zeon.

>Back in Vietnam, we got sucked into the "body count" game.

        I don't think that's a major problem here; Zeon might have viewed a
Zaku as the equivalent of a cruiser at the start of the war, but I don't
think Zeon ever had a problem with production ability. They were churning
out new MSes all the way throughout the war.

>It's not even a win-lose game, but rather a lose-lose game in which the winner
>is the one who loses the least.

        And in this case, in strict body count sense, Zeon would lose less
every time they sink a Federation cruiser. In percentage terms, probably
too. The Zaku was a great force multiplier.

>Zeon seems to have a significant submarine presence and their amphibious MS are
>among their most powerful and fearsome.

        Sorry; I meant "naval" as in a space navy, not a wet navy..

>Desert recipe: destroy mirror, bake at an even temperature for nine months,
>serve hot. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist!)

        That's okay; a little humour doesn't hurt. (^_^)

>I think a single month of continuous direct sunlight would be enough, given
>that the Wild West theme didn't allow for much in the way of ground cover.

        Right.. so where were the colonist during that one month of
colony-baking (^_^)?

        I mean, the Texas colony was AFAIK still habitable -- sort of --
even when the White Base visited. During the one month, they should have
been able to repair or at least jury-rig something to prevent or slow the
situation; but they didn't.

        What happened to them? Were they gassed, spaced, or just ran away?
If they ran away, which Side took in an additional 10 million people (from
Texas alone)?

>For all we know, everyone enlisted en masse to seek revenge. (^_^)

        Oh, right, that's another possibilty. (^_^)

>This may be a passing comment on the Federation's priorities. Texas had a
>strategic position as the only even marginally habitable place in the Shoal
>Zone, but the Federation simply used it as a stepping stone, with no regard for
>the people who still lived there.

        I don't believe that a whole colony would sit for a whole month
without doing something to halt the process. Given the manufacturing
capabilities of a cylinder, much less a whole Side, it's very likely that
the mirrors could have been repaired.. unless the colonist were all dead

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