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At 13:18 06/22/2000 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:
>If you compare 0080 kits to today's HG kits, they are actually superior
>in some aspects.

        The 0080 Federation MSes are very good, with translucent parts and
all; The Zeon MSes however, had serious problems with posability -- the Rick
Dom II, Gelgoog JG and Kampfer all had no mobility at the waist, which is
very strange as all the Federation MSes had that. Not to mention some colour
problems with the Zeon suits.

        To be honest, the quality of those kits are still better than some
today. For example, I was a bit disappointed with the RGM-79G kit, mainly
because in comparison with a 0080 GM it felt so skimpy and fragile.

>The Gelgoog Jg was also the most hated 0080 kit here a few years ago.

        Really? Which kit replaced it?

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