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>Eww... 2040 is far too new-school for my taste, I hate the boomers, the Chara designs don't do a thing for me, (Not to mention all the El-hazard flashbacks they induce. ^_^) and the animation quality is pretty low. (So many pan cels so little time...) In the end it's a matter of taste. (and/or age)

Oh, and as I've never watched El-Hazard, I don't have this problem. And how is the animation low quality? I mean look at some of the other tv series put out during the time it was in. Slayers Try? Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight? Martian Successor Nadesico? Brain Powered? All of those are of lower to comparable quality at least (and comparable only in the cases of Nadesico and Brain Powered). Cowboy Bebop I'll admit was better, but it seems like it was made more like an OAV series to me. Granted, I haven't seen everything out there, but what I have seen doesn't let me agree with you. Could you please explain what you mean by low quality animation in the series? I'm not sure I follow you.

As for the boomers, that is the one thing that really threw me at first. Now, I simply suspend disbelief. After all, it's not like this is real. For one thing, in real life, it would seem that power armor might increase your strength, but it would also decrease you agility. Don't see that in the Knight Sabers' outfits (although you do with military and ADPolice power suits).

>YAS's MSG designs hold up very well, They have been very influential to alot of designers over the years. They do a brilliant job of projecting the personality of the character that they represent.
>---Brett Jensen

I have no doubt they have influenced mecha designers over the years. Doesn't stop me from finding them blocky, loud and entirely not to my tastes. I much prefer the retcons seen in later Gundam series.


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