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>is history. It'll always have special meaning for me just because it was
>the first time I really understood what made anime different.

I have to understand this. That's one of the major reasons I've always loved the Hong Kong dub of Macross: Do You Remember Love? It was the first anime that I watched that I knew was actually anime and what got me started on the stuff.

I think 0083 was the second anime I knew as anime, so...

>As for BGC2040, I watched the first 4 episodes and just couldn't get into
>it. They turned Priss into an antisocial recluse that I had absolutely no
>sympathy for (although she DOES have cool hair now)

Actually, that was always the impression I thought she was supposed to give. I mean, she lives alone, and is supposed to be hard to get close to, mainly because she doesn't want anyone else to get as close to her as a former lover was (this is mostly impressions I get from the animation, as I haven't read much of the manga or anything else) before he was killed by Genom agents.

And her character does grow on you as the series progresses and Lina, Leon and even Nene, bring out a bit of her softer side.

Just one warning though. ADV is going to start releasing Tokyo 2040 on DVD in September. I can't wait for them to catch up however, so I'm going to be getting both VHS and DVD. At least until they catch up with each other, if they ever do.

>, and the rest of the
>characters just didn't feel right ... who knpows, i'm sure i'll give it
>another shot some day. About the only thing I've really liked about it was
>As Sekiria's vocal's for Priss ... I picked up the Vocal Collection CD and
>its _great_. Like, really, really great. I miss the glam rock of BGC,
>because it gave it such a unique feel, especially compared to the fairly
>generic electronica in 2040, but this vocal collection is brilliant stuff.

Definate agreement here. I love both STs (the OAV's and the tv series). I have the 2 vocal collections for the OAV, and the Priss Vocal Collection and OST vol. 1 for Tokyo 2040. The OST vol. 1 is actually a good ST to bash mechs by (I play BTech and some of its assorted computer games). I like the gritty feel to it. I usually play some of my anime STs when playing Everquest, esp. the 2040 Priss Vocal Collection. Might seem a bit weird, but it actually matches it somewaht. Hey, I play a wood elf bard. I'm into music....

>Okay, thats all I really wanted to know ... so it does look significantly
>earlier than BGC. Substance _is_ more important than style though... I
>have no problem putting up with "old" animation when the story is good.
>I've seen far too many cruddy shows that had great animation.



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