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Roland Thigpen wrote:

> And 2040 has an actual story to it, not something that was seemingly slapped together at the last minute. Yes, I know it was originally supposed to be much longer (like 6 more eps), and that Crash was supposed to finish off the main plot, but frankly, that plot sucked. Taken individually, they were ok (esp. Double Vision and Scoop Chase), but the overall plot really lacked that which BGC Tokyo 2040 has.

Eww... 2040 is far too new-school for my taste, I hate the boomers, the Chara designs don't do a thing for me, (Not to mention all the El-hazard flashbacks they induce. ^_^) and the animation quality is pretty low. (So many pan cels so little time...) In the end it's a matter of taste. (and/or age)

> And remember, it was called Bubblegum Crisis because of Nene's hair.

In what universe??? The name Bubblegum Crisis describes a situation that gets more and more out of control until it blows up in your face like a bubblegum bubble.

> You can tell that the original Gundam's character animations were made long before BGC, as were the mecha designs. The characters are more rounded, less finely lined, etc. Still, they are effective. There are of course a few exceptions to what I said (in Bright especially), but for the most part, IMO, this holds. What really gets to me is how the original Gundam and White Base look. I just don't like their appearances, but I still enjoy the story (although all I've seen of MSG is the movie compilations).

YAS's MSG designs hold up very well, They have been very influential to alot of designers over the years. They do a brilliant job of projecting the personality of the character that they represent.

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