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Edward Ju wrote:

> I keep hearing about how "dated" the animation of the original Gundam was,
> but if you go back and rewatch the original TV series of Macross, I think
> their animation quality is comparable (you'll be surprised at how memory
> plays tricks with what you remembered about Robotech/Macross). In fact,
> Macross is much worse when it comes to distortion of character faces and
> color mismatching - at least during the early episodes.

Yeah, MS Gundam is much more consistant in characters than Macross, But The mecha
proportions aren't always that good. When macross animation gets good, like the
dogfight in Pinesalad, or the orbital Bombardment in episode 27 it's much better
than Good old MSG.

Some of the re-animated scenes in the MSG movies are pretty flashy though, like the
Texas colony showdown between Gundam and Gelgoog. Good, good stuff.

---Brett Jensen

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