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> HEY!!!!!! I LIKE BGC Tokyo 2040. I could give a damn about Nene's hair color. It's the story that is important! And besides, I actually like the new character looks except for Lina. And Priss actually looks like I think she should now too.
> And 2040 has an actual story to it, not something that was seemingly slapped together at the last minute. Yes, I know it was originally supposed to be much longer (like 6 more eps), and that Crash was supposed to finish off the main plot, but frankly, that plot sucked. Taken individually, they were ok (esp. Double Vision and Scoop Chase), but the overall plot really lacked that which BGC Tokyo 2040 has.
> And remember, it was called Bubblegum Crisis because of Nene's hair. Well, alot of gum nowadays is the color that her hair is in Tokyo 2040 instead of pink. They are simply keeping up with the times.
> Have you actually watched any of Tokyo 2040? The plot is really engrossing and the characters (even Lina and Nene) are actually given time to develop, unlike the OAV.
Well, BGC was one of the first serious anime series I watched. After I
saw all of Robotech (I saw the first 3rd when I was a kid, but never
did see the Southern Cross and Mospeda based bits) a few years ago,
someone lent me their copy of Macross Plus ... then I got a copy of
Bubblegum Crisis on someone's reccomendation, and the rest, as they say,
is history. It'll always have special meaning for me just because it was
the first time I really understood what made anime different.
As for BGC2040, I watched the first 4 episodes and just couldn't get into
it. They turned Priss into an antisocial recluse that I had absolutely no
sympathy for (although she DOES have cool hair now), and the rest of the
characters just didn't feel right ... who knpows, i'm sure i'll give it
another shot some day. About the only thing I've really liked about it was
As Sekiria's vocal's for Priss ... I picked up the Vocal Collection CD and
its _great_. Like, really, really great. I miss the glam rock of BGC,
because it gave it such a unique feel, especially compared to the fairly
generic electronica in 2040, but this vocal collection is brilliant stuff.

But now, back to Gundam.
> You can tell that the original Gundam's character animations were made long before BGC, as were the mecha designs. The characters are more rounded, less finely lined, etc. Still, they are effective. There are of course a few exceptions to what I said (in Bright especially), but for the most part, IMO, this holds. What really gets to me is how the original Gundam and White Base look. I just don't like their appearances, but I still enjoy the story (although all I've seen of MSG is the movie compilations).
> Plus, at least to me, some of the story is slow to develop the characters. This holds even in the movies, where I had some trouble sitting through the second one, simply because it seemed so much slower to me than the first and the third ones.
> But that may just be me.
Okay, thats all I really wanted to know ... so it does look significantly
earlier than BGC. Substance _is_ more important than style though... I
have no problem putting up with "old" animation when the story is good.
I've seen far too many cruddy shows that had great animation.

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