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Mark Simmons wrote:

(The Gundam Chronicles)
>> I wonder what printing number your copy is? It'll
>> say on the inside back cover, to the right of the
>> publication date...
> Uh, what would be page 240 right? It says:
> 1999/1/30 1 and to the right of that there's a
> sticker that reads 1999/3/30 2
> Of course there's a bunch of Japanese inbetween all
> that. Is that what you're looking for?

That's amazing! Obviously your copy is a 2nd print.
Both Mark and I have the same edition. From the last
page of the book, it states:

(in Japanese)
"Date of release: 30/1/1999; First edition, 1st print"
and there's no '2nd print sticker' on my copy.

I've also checked the Delaz' Rick Dom on page 128.
Like Mark's copy, my book said it's called "Prototype
Rick Dom MS-000 Aguille Delaz Custom" The small
caption besides the picture states: "Gato, whose MS
(Gelgoog) was damaged from battle, attempts to open
the cockpit of (Delaz' Rick Dom) hoping for a final
fight. the sentence inside the bracket states: "This
unit has not seen any action in the OVA, all relevent
data was unknown".

BTW, "The Gundam Chronicles" is an excellent
introductory guide which cover every Gundam series
(animations, comics, novels, etc) from all the UC
series to G Gundam, Gundam Wing/Endless Waltz, and
Gundam X. I highly recommmend this book to new Gundam
and Gundam Wing fans.


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