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23 Jun 2000 11:44:37 -0000

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000 22:55:28 -0700 Edward Ju <> wrote:
>>Just one warning, the animation in the movie compilations (and the series
>>itself) is dated.
>I keep hearing about how "dated" the animation of the original Gundam was,
>but if you go back and rewatch the original TV series of Macross, I think
>their animation quality is comparable (you'll be surprised at how memory
>plays tricks with what you remembered about Robotech/Macross). In fact,
>Macross is much worse when it comes to distortion of character faces and
>color mismatching - at least during the early episodes.

Actually, I agree. I never said that nothing else was dated, or that it could not be enjoyable. Leiji Matsumoto's animation style is dated. That doesn't stop me from enjoying it. Megazone 23 or the original BGC OAV could be said to be dated. That doesn't stop me from liking them. To me, dated simply means that it is an older type of animation style made prior to the time in which many are now used to. Thus it seems different and maybe "old".

Still doesn't stop me enjoying something that has good plot, characters and/or music.


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