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On Fri, 23 Jun 2000, Tomonaga wrote:
> Just a thought crossing my mind when working on the plans for a MSiA
> scale Gau and Komusai
> I see from the Newtype Asylum model reviews that you have built a 1/1200
> Musai and a 1/1200 Gau.
> Do you think that the 1/1200 Komusai can fit/land in the rear cargo bay
> of the 1/1200 Gau like in episode 6?
> I'm hoping that the animators distorted the scale for this particular
> scene, instead of making all available specs incorrect.
> What do you think?

LOL! You like catching these things! I just scaned in a picture now:

Both the "official specs" and the animation are wacky, Mecha Domain list
Gau as 159m long, which agrees with model, but the 147m lendth is totally
off. Do you have other specs that list a more sensible length?

> Also do you have all the old MA kits for the original Gundam? It's been
> nearly twenty years since I last held these things in my hands and I
> wanted to know how big they are in actuality and not in my distant
> memory when I was little and everything looked big! : )

I just did some scans.

Nightingale has my Azzam in HK, so maybe he can measure the size for you.
Got no plan to buy Zackrello and Braubro. I think Braubro model is huge.

Please have a look at
for all the pix.

Thanks for your mail. Gotta share this with GML and AML. ^_^

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