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>> I've seen all the episodes, built a couple of the 1/144 scale models
>> (Gundam Wing and Wing Zero); now where would y'all suggest I start to
>> catch up with the rest of the "real" Gundam universe?
>> Thanks.
>> Bill
>The original Gundam series is the best to start off with the "real" Gundam
>~Andy Lee

Unfortunately, since you probably won't be able to find a copy of the original series itself, the next best thing is to go for the 3 movie compilations of it. Then 0080: War in the Pocket, then 0083: Stardust Memories. And be sure to pick up 08th Mobile Suit Team when it comes out next year. Hints given to me by Christopher Marsh of Anime Village indicate that either Gundam Zeta (the UC universe's next series chronologically after 0083) or Gundam X (an alternate universe) MIGHT be next up for AV, but nothing definate yet.

Just one warning, the animation in the movie compilations (and the series itself) is dated. After all, it came out back in '79. Still, the story itself is good, and you need to see at least this to get a psuedo-feel for the timeline's beginnings.


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