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Joaquin Torres writes,

>When are ya updating the Gundam Project?

  Ugh, maybe tonight if I have the time & energy (I was going to do some
stuff last night, but I was dragooned into going to see "Chicken Run"
;-). Hopefully I'll post the Leo and/or Tallgeese profile and some new
splash-page art. Then I'm planning to do a backgrounder on the AC world,
and maybe some goods & links updates. With luck, I'll get all that stuff
up before Anime Expo.

  Oh, and I'm also working on a mobile suit evolution chart (linked to
the mobile suit profiles) to replace the MS Classics section.

  As for UC mobile suit art (i.e. the former MS Classics)... look for the
Gyan in early July. I'll be doing the High Mobility and Cannon types from
Giren's Greed, in all their ace-pilot color schemes, and rolling out
color art for all the Giren's Greed stuff (Ral's Dom and Gelgoog, Black
Trinary Gelgoog, Char's Rick Dom and Gundam, Titans Gundam, blah blah blah...)

  Whew! I'm exhausted just typing up the to-do list. :-)

-- Mark

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