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Neil Baumgardner writes,

>Yep, page 128, small inset, right below another small inset of Gato's
>Geelgog. Above the pic it clearly says MS-09F.

  Amazing! In fifteen years, I've never known the publisher of anime book
to fix a typo. See page 45 of the Gundam Century reprint for an example;
after 15+ years, it still lists the Acguy as having internal "30-ton"
machine guns. :-)

  I wonder what printing number your copy is? It'll say on the inside
back cover, to the right of the publication date...

>Another question, on page 114 its shows various kinds of heavy-equipment
>versions for F91 MS. Is this from some side story?

  Nah, just stand-alone variations. I first saw these in a Hobby Japan
modelling book, and they came out as B-CLUB garage kits around the same time.

>I also noticed something in the Gundam Century Renewal Version. On page 48,
>in the left top corner of the box that has the White Base 'assembly,' it
>shows another picture of the White Base next to that mystery ship from MSG.
>Apparently this is a re-draw of a the scene this ship is shown in during the
>( It
>has a description below the picture. Does it reveal anything about this
>mystery 'Green Base?'

  Nah, it just says that it "appears to be an improved type of the
Pegasus class."

-- Mark

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