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Dafydd writes,

>Actually, the "Turn-M" thing could be fun, but only if you turn it 90 degrees
>instead of 180 and make it a sigma:

  Nah, that's "Half-Turn-M". :-)

>If anyone goes with -X-, how will we know if it represents Gundam X or Turn-X

  As my friend Toshi Yoshida likes to point out, "Turn-X is _still_ an
X!" The same would hold for Turn-O, I suppose...

>I was under the impression that the Granada Treaty ratified and affirmed the
>terms of the Antarctic Treaty, then extended it by recognizing the Zeon
>Republic and adding such things as the Minovsky particle ban.

  It's certainly possible, but I don't recall reading anything along
these lines. Where did you see/hear this?

>Didn't anyone ever think to prohibit dropping things onto the Earth or Moon
>from space?

  Well, colony drops were expressly prohibited by the Antarctic Treaty,
for all that's worth...

>Weren't those mines that Ma Kube launched in Texas colony also nukes?

  Not in the TV series; there, the big bang was the result of Ma Kube's
Gyan blowing up. I guess when they cut the Gyan out of the Texas Colony
in the movies, the writers felt they had to come up with some other
explanation for the scale of the explosion. But a nuclear minefield
inside a colony does raise a lot more questions than it answers... ;-)

-- Mark

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