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> Dammit, Dafydd, if you keep signing everything "-Z-" I'm going to forget
> how to spell your actual name. Maybe I'll retaliate by becoming "Turn-M",
> which looks something like "W". :-)

Well, I started using "-Z-" because no one but you could remember how to spell
"Dafydd" -- and you can always go to my Web site to look up the correct
spelling. (^_^)

Actually, the "Turn-M" thing could be fun, but only if you turn it 90 degrees
instead of 180 and make it a sigma:


If anyone goes with -X-, how will we know if it represents Gundam X or Turn-X

> I'm not sure what the content of the Granada treaty would be - the only
> thing I know about it is that, according to Gundam Sentinel, it banned
> the mass scattering of Minovsky particles (on the theory that anybody
> doing large-scale Minovsky jamming is clearly up to no good, though I
> wouldn't mind dusting annoying cell-phone users with the stuff). I recall
> the Antarctic Treaty being mentioned in Z Gundam, so presumably that's
> still the "controlling legal authority." :-)

I was under the impression that the Granada Treaty ratified and affirmed the
terms of the Antarctic Treaty, then extended it by recognizing the Zeon Republic
and adding such things as the Minovsky particle ban. Weren't solar weapons also
banned or at least restricted, such that the Colony Laser was also a violation?
How about the Solar System II?

Didn't anyone ever think to prohibit dropping things onto the Earth or Moon from

> In the original TV series, Ma Kube launches a nuke at the Federal
> Forces as he retreats from Odessa, which the Gundam handily dispatches
> before it can detonate. (Kondo's 0079 manga makes this sequence look much
> cooler than it actually was.) So even if Yuri Kerane is really using a
> tactical nuke in 08th MS Team, Ma Kube already crossed the line first.

Weren't those mines that Ma Kube launched in Texas colony also nukes?


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