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> I'd personally like to see a new MSV line done with 90's Model kit
>technology. Since HGUC seems to be concentrating mostly on the popular
>mechas at this moment, and all the mecha they have thus far produced have
>already been made into kits anyway back in the 80s, I think there should be
> a new MSV line that could cover some of the more obscure variants and
>designs that have popped up in Gundam, but not in the form of a plastic
>model kit. Some of these mecha already exist as resin kits, but let's face
>it, plastic form is much cheaper! I'm all for an HGMSV line! Here are my
>ideas: Blue Destiny GM(BD video games) Cold Climate GM(0080) MS-08(BD
>video games) GM Sniper II(0080) Gundam GP-04(0083 concept) Dom
>Tropen(0083) Mass-produced Guntank(08th MS Team) Mass-produced
>Guncannon(0080) Xammel(0083) Hobby Hizack(CCA) Geloog Marine(Both
>regular,Cima, and Fed colors) Zaku F2(Regular, diamond mine
>version(brown), and Fed colors) High Mobility Gyan(Giren's Greed)
>Gundam Mark IV(A regular-sized version of the GG0 mecha) Chris

I'd really like to see the MK-III, IV, & V as well as the GP-04,
Guncannon(0080) and the Dom Tropen. The Xammel would be nice, but Bandai's
always been skittish about 1/144 MAs (which, if nothing else, describes the
Xammel's relative size). There's also:

Kampfer Perfect Version(Kit Manual)
Geara-Doga Sturm-Type (big, back-mounted cannon)

I suspect, though, that if there were to be HGMSVs, they would have less
perks than regular HGUCs (no extra weapons, definately no system-injection).


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