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Mark Simmons wrote:

> Neil Baumgardner writes,
> >During a business trip to northern NJ, I had the opportunity to stop by
> >one of Kinokuniya's stores and pick up some stuff. One of them is the
> >Gundam Century Renewal Version, which is pretty cool itself, but also
> >The Gundam Chronicles: The History of Mobile Suit Gundam Animations,
> >1979-1999, a B.Media (Bandai?) Books Special which apparently came out
> >early last year. As the subtitle says, it covers all the Gundam series,
> >including mobile suits, ships, and characters. Does anyone know anything
> >about this book? Is it indeed by Bandai?
> Whoa, I coulda sworn I logged this one in my site's goods section, but
> evidently I forgot... must remember to do that, since it's really the
> best single book on Gundam as a whole. Lots of MS and character pix, full
> color, cool sidebars on Gundam trivia...

Yeah, that's the first place I looked for info.

> It's published by Take Shobo - Bandai doesn't publish books anymore -
> but it's edited by the Gundam experts at Studio Hard, who also did MS ERA
> and several Entertainment Bibles.


> >BTW, I noticed that on page 128 of the book, as part of the 0083 MS, it
> >has a small inset for Delaz's Dom. It says MS-09F (but notably not
> >MS-09F/TROP, which is identified seperately). Does it indeed identify
> >Delaz's suit as the elusive Dom Funf?
> Funny... my copy lists it as "Prototype Rick Dom, MS-000, Aguille
> Delaz's personal machine" (and that's about all the description says,
> too). Does your copy really label it as MS-09F? It's highly unusual for
> publishers to fix typos between printings, or for that matter between
> different editions of books.

Yep, page 128, small inset, right below another small inset of Gato's
Geelgog. Above the pic it clearly says MS-09F. Not knowing Japanese, I dont
know what the rest of the title or small description beside the picture says,
but I'll see if I can find out this weekend. The MS-09F/TROP is shown in a
full description to the left of the insets.

Another question, on page 114 its shows various kinds of heavy-equipment
versions for F91 MS. Is this from some side story?

I also noticed something in the Gundam Century Renewal Version. On page 48,
in the left top corner of the box that has the White Base 'assembly,' it
shows another picture of the White Base next to that mystery ship from MSG.
Apparently this is a re-draw of a the scene this ship is shown in during the
( It
has a description below the picture. Does it reveal anything about this
mystery 'Green Base?'

    Neil Baumgardner

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