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> Oh, before I forget. Are we assuming that the missiles used will be
> predominantly nukes?

Perhaps not predominantly, but certainly a significant percentage will be
nuclear. This would include nuclear-POWERED weapons, such as EMP devices
designed to blind sensors over a large area. And, because of the Minvosky
compact fusion reactor, I'd expect that they'd be fusion bombs, without the
dirty fission triggers. Neutron bombs, if you will. In the words of Whoopie
Goldberg, "Eat the people, leave the buildings. Obviously a Republican weapon!"

I'd expect biologicals, too, aimed at the farmsats rather than the populace

> I won't say that my idea is definitely feasible; the distances
> involved sometimes escapes me. But both the missiles and the "sand" will be
> travelling at great speeds, and probably not at rest relative to each other.
> For each missile, I just need one particle to hit at high speed and destroy
> the missile; sort of like the Brillant Pebbles analogy we talked about 5 or
> 6 mails back, only in reverse.

Instead of sand, use ice. You could orbit a few MS venting steam on each pass
and lay out a sheet of crystals to rival the rings of Saturn. And you could
layer it by having the MS orbiting at different distances from the colony.


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