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> >Actually, this isn't the case. Put the missile in a highly elliptical
> >and you can arrange for it to approach L2 from any direction desired. Of
> >course, this would take more fuel and considerably more time, but it
> >get the job done.
> Right, the "Sea of Sand" defense will probably work for "direct
>trajectory" missiles, but again, you probably have to specifically design a
>missile with the kind of fuel load you are talking about; whether the
>Federation had that kind of missiles onhand is undeterminable.
> At any rate, in the first week of the OYW, could the Federation
>massed enough missiles to fire them at Side 3, either conventionally or in
>elliptical orbit? Possible, but I think the Federation was more preoccupied
>with saving their own behinds during that week.

You seem to be assuming the Federation didn't have anything planned in
advance. While they seem to be very disorganized overall, I'd think they
would have some plan in place for striking Side 3 in the event of war.

A plan like that would make a lot of sense as deterrence. Basically, you
start a war, we'll blow Side 3 to hell.

The ferocity of Zeon's initial assualt might have put a dent in such an
attack plan, but that may be why Side 3 only lost half it's population,
rather than the whole thing.

> The Zeon assault was very fast and hit very hard -- they struck
>directly after the declaration of war in multiple Sides.
> >Either nukes or chem/bio warheads. Bomb pumped X-Ray lasers would
> >be a good choice as well, but we've never seen that tech in Gundam so it
> >probably be discounted.
> Are chem/bio warheads ideal? Follow me here -- first, the missile
>have to pass through the cylinder wall in order to have the warheads
>the payload in an effective manner. But if you open a hole big enough for a
>chem/bio missile to go through, well, chem/bio containmination isn't going
>to be a major problem here, because the colonists first need to deal with
>the escaping air.

I would hope that the colonies have some sort of plan for quickly plugging
relatively small holes in the hull. The colony wall is thick enough to
resist most micrometorites and larger rocks would presumably be tracked and
diverted before they could endanger a colony. However, with hundreds of
colonies floating around for decades, sooner or later, some middle sized
rock is going to hit them.

That being the case, they'd probably be able to plug the hole before they
died of either vacum or the chem/bio agent.

> >Well, it depends how big and heavily protected the missile is. The Feds
> >could just slap a big hunk of DU on the front end and let the sand ablate
> >away.
> Again, specialized design, and I don't think it's a common design.
>Could the Federation design or rebuild enough missiles in one week to make
>it work?

The real question is, did they have them built ahead of time?

Based on what I said above, I think they did.

> >This depends on the missiles ability to reestablish it's course after
> >diverted.
> Unguided missiles, remember? Even with the possibility of a
>basing it's coordinates with reference to some star pattern, it's more
>likely that the missile will fly off into the black yonder..

Not unguided missiles, inertially guided missiles. These can sense the
acceleration when they are diverted from their course, then correct for it.

> >As I pointed out, missiles can be fired from any direction, so you'd need
> >full sphere.
> Maybe we don't need a full sphere? Honestly, in my idea, I just
>to cut the odds down to the point where a cylinder could survive the
>-- one or two missile strikes should be survivable for the cylinder. I
>even supposed I could stop a hundred-missile salvo with this single layer
>defense; my main aim is to reduce the odds to a more acceptable level.
> The missiles would get through; the question is how many.

Well, according to the Gundam Movies, enough to take out half of the Zeon

Sounds like we're back where we started :-)

> >Also, how do you propose to keep the sea of sand in one place?
> Good question. The answer is I don't know. Is it possible to
>establish a sort of orbit around the Lagrange point such that the Sea(s)
>always shift in conjunction with the Side, sort of like a "geo-stationary"
>orbit around the Lagrange point? I seriously don't know.

Z might be better at explaning this than I am, but here it is as I
understand it:

Objects can orbit L4 and L5 just like they orbit any other planet, moon or
star. The plane of their orbit can be paralell to the moon's orbit around
Earth or perpendicular to it or any which way you please. Of course, you'd
probably want all your colonies orbiting in the same plane so their orbits
wouldn't intersect.

L1, L2 and L3 are a little different. Since they are points of unstable
equalibrium, objects can only orbit them if the plane of rotation is
perpindicular to the earth-moon axis.

> But it is possible to use Musai ships to "mine" and "de-mine"
>areas as they move in and out -- you can consider this a punishment detail,
>or just something a Musai captain has been instructed to do on a regular
> >The Federation counter to a defensive system like this would probably be
> >launch a lot of missiles on different vectors, timed to arrive from all
> >directions at the same time.
> Correct -- I don't envision this system being perfect; overwhelm
>with ordnance, and you can break through. The thing is this: I want the
>enemy, in this case the Federation, to expend too much ordnance going
>through one line of defenses that my later lines got a better chance of
>handling it.
> Furthermore, this defense, in the context of what we are talking
>about, need only to be active during the early phase of the OYW, where a
>Federation retailation is most likely. After the Treaty, such attacks would
>be a clear violation, and hence the threat might be lessen to a point where
>such extensive defenses are unnecessary.

Correct, but that early part of the OYW is also when the Federation is most
likely to launch a pre-planned attack of the sort I aluded to above. It is
also when Zeon needs the most forces for concentrated offensive action
against the Federation.

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