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Blackeagle wrote:
> How about 'newtype.'
> > Nicholas "Echo|Fox" Paufler
> > ... Guntaku [is ok] ...

In the larger anime world, Newtype is more associated with the magazine
that's about general anime, albeit a Gundam-friendly magazine. Besides,
if you want a catchy phrase, something that starts the sound "gun" or at
least "g" should be considered mandatory.

I would consider Guntaku even more insulting than Trekkies. It betray an
ignorance of the original meaning of otaku.

How about:
- Gundama (sounds like Gundamer and is similar to Gundamu the Japanese
  pronounciation of Gundam)
- Guncase
- Gunhead
- G-head
- G-kid (somehow I can accept to be called a G-kid rather than G-boy)
- Wingnuts (no "gun" or "g" but "wing" is there and it's already in use)

To be spacenoid-friendly (and bending my own rule here), we can accept
- Zakuheads

Perhaps someone familiar with the Japanese scene may suggest something
that we can borrow from the Japanese too?

But than what's wrong with just plain old "Gundam fans"?

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