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>Hmm ... Star Trek has Trekkers, the X-Files has X-Philes, Transformers has
>TransFans, but what are Gundam fans called, collectively? I see a lot of
>mass media type places saying "Gundamaniacs" but I don't really care for
>that term.
>I know that specifically people on the GML could be called GMLer's
>(perhaps pronounced Jimlers? ;p)
>Anyone have any thoughts?

Well, I've heard "Wing-Nuts" for the obvious subculture, and Mekton/Jovian
players have been known to go by "Gearheads". "Newtypes" sounds a little
effete, and the ole' standby of "Gundamaniacs" does seem unwieldy. I'm
happy with Gearhead myself, makes me think of the model building as well.


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