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Neil Baumgardner writes,

>During a business trip to northern NJ, I had the opportunity to stop by
>one of Kinokuniya's stores and pick up some stuff. One of them is the
>Gundam Century Renewal Version, which is pretty cool itself, but also
>The Gundam Chronicles: The History of Mobile Suit Gundam Animations,
>1979-1999, a B.Media (Bandai?) Books Special which apparently came out
>early last year. As the subtitle says, it covers all the Gundam series,
>including mobile suits, ships, and characters. Does anyone know anything
>about this book? Is it indeed by Bandai?

  Whoa, I coulda sworn I logged this one in my site's goods section, but
evidently I forgot... must remember to do that, since it's really the
best single book on Gundam as a whole. Lots of MS and character pix, full
color, cool sidebars on Gundam trivia...

  It's published by Take Shobo - Bandai doesn't publish books anymore -
but it's edited by the Gundam experts at Studio Hard, who also did MS ERA
and several Entertainment Bibles.

>BTW, I noticed that on page 128 of the book, as part of the 0083 MS, it
>has a small inset for Delaz's Dom. It says MS-09F (but notably not
>MS-09F/TROP, which is identified seperately). Does it indeed identify
>Delaz's suit as the elusive Dom Funf?

  Funny... my copy lists it as "Prototype Rick Dom, MS-000, Aguille
Delaz's personal machine" (and that's about all the description says,
too). Does your copy really label it as MS-09F? It's highly unusual for
publishers to fix typos between printings, or for that matter between
different editions of books.

-- Mark

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