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Dammit, Dafydd, if you keep signing everything "-Z-" I'm going to forget
how to spell your actual name. Maybe I'll retaliate by becoming "Turn-M",
which looks something like "W". :-)

>That and the question of whether there were nukes at Odessa and, of course,
>the GP02A, which violates both the Antarctic and Granada Treaties.

  I'm not sure what the content of the Granada treaty would be - the only
thing I know about it is that, according to Gundam Sentinel, it banned
the mass scattering of Minovsky particles (on the theory that anybody
doing large-scale Minovsky jamming is clearly up to no good, though I
wouldn't mind dusting annoying cell-phone users with the stuff). I recall
the Antarctic Treaty being mentioned in Z Gundam, so presumably that's
still the "controlling legal authority." :-)

  In the original TV series, Ma Kube launches a nuke at the Federal
Forces as he retreats from Odessa, which the Gundam handily dispatches
before it can detonate. (Kondo's 0079 manga makes this sequence look much
cooler than it actually was.) So even if Yuri Kerane is really using a
tactical nuke in 08th MS Team, Ma Kube already crossed the line first.

  Hm... in the 52-episode outline, the White Base crew themselves violate
the treaty by attacking a Jupiter energy fleet ship en route to Side 3.
Perhaps it's more easily honored when the fighting is at a low ebb. ;-)

>When the Titans take charge, they adopt the prohibited nerve gas

  Sure, plus they attempt a colony drop (on a lunar city, whose
neutrality was protected under the Antarctic Treaty) and use weapons of
mass destruction against space colonies. Then in ZZ, Hamaan does her own
colony drop. And in CCA, the Londo Bell use nukes against Char to prevent
him from using huge quantities of them to render Earth uninhabitable...

  But for all that, the taboo remains in effect. In F91 and V Gundam, all
combatants manage to refrain from using nuclear weapons per se (though
they do use trashed mobile suits as makeshift tac-nukes, and devices like
the Bugs and Angel Halo are weasely attempts to get around the letter of
the treaty).

-- Mark

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