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> >It would have to be quite some sea. The halo orbit has a major axis of
> >145,000 km (90,000 miles) and the missiles can be lobbed in from any
> Not really. For missiles to be launched from existing Federation
>bases at the start of the war they had to follow certain paths -- remember,
>the Federation was never said to have any major bases outside of the Sides
>and on Earth, so their positions are pretty well known; let's give the Zeon
>military intelligence some credit. The so-called "Sea of Sand" needs only
>cover certain approach vectors that should be relatively easy to work out.

Actually, this isn't the case. Put the missile in a highly elliptical orbit
and you can arrange for it to approach L2 from any direction desired. Of
course, this would take more fuel and considerably more time, but it would
get the job done.

> You will of course note that I said nothing regarding missiles
>from warships. That particular problem cannot be solved by this method,
>because the warships can easily get around our seas; however, it *can* be
>solved by having Zakus blow the ships up.
> To be honest, Side 3's position allows me to propose this. If Zeon
>had been Side 5, this won't have worked.
> Oh, before I forget. Are we assuming that the missiles used will
>predominantly nukes?

Either nukes or chem/bio warheads. Bomb pumped X-Ray lasers would probably
be a good choice as well, but we've never seen that tech in Gundam so it can
probably be discounted.

> >They'll also be traveling with tremendous momentum. What granularity
>does this
> >sea have? How deep is it? You may end up building the first Dyson
> I won't say that my idea is definitely feasible; the distances
>involved sometimes escapes me. But both the missiles and the "sand" will be
>travelling at great speeds, and probably not at rest relative to each
>For each missile, I just need one particle to hit at high speed and destroy
>the missile; sort of like the Brillant Pebbles analogy we talked about 5 or
>6 mails back, only in reverse.

Well, it depends how big and heavily protected the missile is. The Feds
could just slap a big hunk of DU on the front end and let the sand ablate it

> Or I might not even need to destroy the missile -- I simply need
>knock it off course. Since we are not talking about guided missiles, a
>deviation of 1 degree over a long distance can mean a clean miss of the

This depends on the missiles ability to reestablish it's course after being

> >And how do your own forces get in and out?
> Since we are not talking about a whole sphere of sand surrounding
>Side 3, this is an easy one.. =)

As I pointed out, missiles can be fired from any direction, so you'd need a
full sphere.

Also, how do you propose to keep the sea of sand in one place? There are
basically three choices for any object in the vicinity of L2. Either put it
in the Lagrange point proper, which wouldn't be much use in this case. Put
it in some sort of lunar orbit, which would mean the cloud would orbit the
moon, rather than staying by L2. Or put it in a halo orbit about L2. If I
recall correctly (and Z can probbly correct me if I'm wrong) a halo orbit
about the first three Lagrange points must be in a plane perpindicular to
the Earth-Moon axis. Thus it would be impossible to even put a cloud
directly between Side 3 and the rest of the Earth sphere.

> >In any case, the Zeon philosophy didn't include defense until long after
> >opening round. They subscribed to the "best defense is a good offense"
> >figuring that if you hit them hard enough and fast enough, you won't have
> >worry about them hitting back.
> Agreed. This seems to be a major philosphy of early Zeon tactics,
>but a flawed one nonetheless.
> >That being said, they must have had some defense and it must have been a
> >one.
> The above idea was just what I would have attempted to do if I had
>to defend Side 3 from Federation missile strikes. The first line would be
>Seas of Sand on the most probably missile routes; the second line, probably
>KillSats, sort of like Halo's evil twin brother.
> The third would probably be another Seas of Sand line, to catch
>anything that's left over. Finally, we have manned anti-missile systems
>the colonies themselves.
> And through all these would be roving patrols of ships to catch
>interlopers. Of course, I'll make the Federation missile bases high up on
>the hit list of any offensive campaign against them.
> Abowaku (A'Bao'A'Qu ) would have been pretty good to stage this
>of defensive patrols from.

The Federation counter to a defensive system like this would probably be to
launch a lot of missiles on different vectors, timed to arrive from all
directions at the same time. No matter how good a defense is, there is a
point at which it will become saturated and any further missiles will get

> >I suspect that Zeon covered its head and let the rest of Side 3 fend for
> >themselves.
> Again, data is so sketchy it's difficult to tell exactly what
>happened then.
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