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>It helps that, just as the Federation is getting back on its feet, Zeon is
>beginning to crumble from overextension, exhaustion, internal strife and its
>own brand of incompetence, born of personal ambition and overconfidence.

        Still doesn't quite answer the question. How much bigger in terms of
manpower is the Federation military compared to the Zeon military?

        Even with the MS advantage in the first half of the war, Zeon didn't
always had a confirmed advantage; the Zaku was a great force multiplier, but
a super-weapon it ain't. I think the main advantage the Zaku had over, say a
Salamis class cruiser is that all it takes is for one Zaku pilot to send the
entire Salamis crew to a airless grave..

        Otherwise, if we stick strictly to a naval battle, I doubt Zeon
would have that big an advantage.

>The answer depends on you definition of "uninhabitable"

        Uhm.. "Cannot be inhabited"? I didn't choose this phrase for fun. (^_^)

>the Texas colony was turned into a desert by damage to its mirrors and,
>although it wasn't entirely abandoned, it was for all intents and purposes
>destroyed insofar as it was no longer a fit place to live.

        Puzzling thing -- the damage can't possibly be that critical; To
turn the climate in a cylinder to a desert, now, that will take some time,
won't it? It's likely the damage can be fixed, given enough time and effort
which maybe the colonists didn't have, which was why they evacuated the
cylinder, right?

        For the surviving colonist just to abandon the cylinder just like
that -- for stuck mirrors which shouldn't pose a major problem for a day or
two, and which can be lived with for another week or so...

        We are talking about the evacuation of, assuming a 10% survival
rate, 1 million or more people. I don't think shifting a million people off
an entire cylinder is a task anyone wants to contemplate unless the damage
to the cylinder is really dire (like, major structural damage that will rip
the whole cylinder apart before repairs can be effected) or the threat of
enemy action is really severe -- as in, a gas attack by Zeon again.

        So why didn't they go back during the lull to fix the cylinder? Side
5 (Texas was in Side 5, right?) is smack in between the Earth and the front
side of the Moon; I would have thought it would be the second safest
Lagrange point to work from the Federation's perspective.

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