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Hi Michael,

> I agree with you, but the deal with vintage pieces is the historical
value, I've
> seen original vintage pieces going between $15 and $25. Re-issues do NOT
> the historical significance and they should not be sold for $15 no matter
> they say.

Which original pieces are you talking about here? I'm speaking of Titans and
other hard to find vintage pieces that usually go for over $100.00. If they
made a $15.00 reproduction of them, I wouldn't complain a bit about spending
that on a new Microman figure. If you are talking about the "New" line like
the lasers, I agree with you. You get way more out of an MG than a Microman.

> You have a point there, I'll still take MGs over Microman figures simply
> of the larger size and because I already have 15 of them sitting around my
> in different cool looking poses (including a very funny one of 3 Doms
cutting up
> an Austin Powers action figure!). I actually prefer the building of
Gundam kits
> than just opening up a figure that is already built, I think it makes me
> with the kit rather than treat it as something to play with for a while
and then
> to be placed on the shelf.

Yeah, I see your point too. I tend to bond more with my Gundam kits than
most Microman items. I think it's more of a sentimental thing with me
though. I had Micronauts when I was a kid, so collecting Microman is just an
extension of that love. I do also really like Gundams though, because, if
you have the time to put them together, you sure get a major bang for the

> I am just a poor circuit design engineer working in Silicon Valley where
> thing is overpriced. I mainly do ASIC design work and some testing, the
> reason I can afford to drop that much on a car is I have given up all hope
> ever owning a house (really ugly houses here in the area go for $700,000
> $800,000...) and since I will NEVER buy an apartment or townhouse, all my
> goes towards toys.

You live in CA? I thought you lived abroad. Where do you get your MGs so
cheap then?
Yeah... I guess if I didn't have a hose, wife, and kid, I could drop some
major buckage on a cool car too. But, alas, I am just a poor software
consultant who's destined to drive a plain ole M3. ;-)

> One of the reason I like 348 more is the door and the tail end, I wouldn't
> I like 348 MUCH better than 355, but I do prefer the 348. Which
incidentally is
> not really that expensive nowadays... a decent used one could be fetched
> around $60,000-$70,000.

I can't explain what it is with the 348 that makes me like it more than the
355, but there's definitely something there. Those prices are pretty good
considering the amount of car your getting.

> No argument here, the specs. for F40 is simply incredible, and Countach
just has
> that kick-ass look. Used Countachs were pretty cheap for a while but has
> up in price a few months ago for some unknown reason. F40 has always been
> out of my budget though.

Yeah... the F40 ROCKS in every respect. I like them better than the Countach
because I've been over-exposed to the Lambo by now.

> I like the CLK-GTR a lot simply because it looks so UN-Mercedes, and give
> my family has pretty much been driving Mercedes all my life, I felt
> obligated to include one in my favourite list.

You do have a point, but I still can't say I care much for them.

> The Maseratti and Aston Martins are very nice, but I am not much of a fan
of the
> Lamborghini Dino. The Ferrari 250 is insanely expensive now! But isn't
> amazing how similar it's looks and design is to some current sports cars?
> early Porsches are all classics. I have never seen the Bora, and also do
> like Triumphs that much. As you can see, I am more of a fan of recent
> car. I like the cars from late 80's to the late 90's the best. The
> Ferrari 360 Modena, latest Lamborghini Diablo, upcoming Lamborhini Canto,
> Porsche 996, Mercedes SLR are all a little too streamlined for my taste.

I was speaking of the Ferrari Dino that was made back in the late 60s early
70s. They are quite a bargain now with some models going for as little as
the mid 40s. That's insane for the amount of car you get.
I'm pretty sure the Ferrari 250 was used as the base for numerouse moder car
designs. It only goes to show how timeless that body style really was.
Never seen a Bora? You should check one out! It fits right in with your
"Countach" type look. I think you'd like it! Plus it's fast as hell!
I'm with you on the new cars. The lastest designs don't seem to have any
"umph" behind them. They look like just another high-end Japanese or
American styled car.

> M3 is a very nice car, much better than the ugly Z3 in my opinion. I am
> quite partial to the BMW 850 of the olden days (my love for V-12s!!) and
> new Z8.

Ohhh yes.... 850s are very cool and the Z8 ROCKS!!!! If I had $120 to drop
on a car, that would be it! How about the BMW M1? That also fits the look
you seem to like.

> How's your Porsche 944? My sister's fiancee used to have one too and he
gave it
> away to his cousin. I seem to recall that he always had trouble with the
> battery running out or the transmission (could be that he is a bad

Oh... I don't have it anymore. I traded it in on the M3. It was a great car
though and I didn't have any transmission or battery troubles. Mine had high
miles on it though, so I did have a few natural replacement issues along the
way. I really liked the car though and thought it was great. Did 130 a
couple of time in it. ;-)

> I used to know a girl who also drove an M3, she really liked it too.

Well... I can say this about my M3: It is the most compitent and fun car I
have ever driven. The thing sticks like glue, is fast as hell, and can still
haul my family shopping. It's a perfect "married with kids" sports car.

> As I said, I had a semi-sports car (i.e. not a real one). It was a 91 560
> (the last year they made it!) Mercedes coupe, a pretty powerful and fast
car in
> my opinion. I drove it at 140 mph for about half an hour on I-5 once and
> was a surprisely smooth ride. The best thing about this car was I can
close a
> rear window shade to block the headlights of jerks who like to drive with
> beam at night. Currently I am driving a 95 S500 (again a Mercedes) with a
> of toys, (i.e. 3 TV screens, Nav system, 2 mobile phones (one is of the
> free variety, VCR, Sony Play Station, rear heated and adjustable seats, 12
> speaker Alpine system with a very nice sub-woofer, and 2 additional AC
> slots for more toys in the future...). Apparently the only Mercedes with
> rear window shade are the real top of the line cars (i.e. S 600) and the
> was too expensive for me. If I had the money for S600 I'd rather spend it
> either a Testarosa or Countach to satisfy my lust for V-12 (neither goes
> 200mph, but a man gotta have a car).

Man... nice ride! I'm not much on Mercedes, but that sounds pretty darn
A V12 would indeed be awesome. Having never driven one, I can only imagine
the symphony of sounds that a car like that would produce. Oh well.. maybe
one day I'll get to drive one myself. :-)

Jeff C

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