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> >The other colonies had no effective military, just an internal local police
> >force and a Federation garrison whose only space weaponry was ship based.
> Remember; I suggested with the same amount of time Zeon had to build
> up their military, any Side can also build up an equivalent military,
> especially if there is a credible threat against it.

They could, but they didn't. The Federation imposed an embargo and other
sanctions, which only created a black market and folks like Anaheim Electronics
who didn't care who bought what, as long as they paid in good solid currency.
Their military response was to harden Luna II and build more and bigger ships,
whose presence served more to keep the remaining colonies from breaking off than
it did to counter the Zeon.

It's WW2 all over again, with Zeon representing all three of the Axis powers
rolled into one. The Federation -- and, remember, the colonies ARE the
Federation, just as much as the Earth and Moon -- reacted just as the Allies did
and were caught just as they were. "We were prepared for war, but nothing
prepared us for THIS!"

> No, and neither does Zeon needs to shoot them down -- they just need
> to provide something for the missiles to run into. Say.. a sea of sand?

It would have to be quite some sea. The halo orbit has a major axis of about
145,000 km (90,000 miles) and the missiles can be lobbed in from any direction.
That's a 470,000 km (290,000 miles) perimeter even if they only come in from the
same plane as the Earth-Moon orbit. Substend that into the surface of an oblate
spheroid if you want complete coverage.

They'll also be traveling with tremendous momentum. What granularity does this
sea have? How deep is it? You may end up building the first Dyson sphere.

And how do your own forces get in and out?

In any case, the Zeon philosophy didn't include defense until long after the
opening round. They subscribed to the "best defense is a good offense" school,
figuring that if you hit them hard enough and fast enough, you won't have to
worry about them hitting back.

That being said, they must have had some defense and it must have been a good
one, since the Zeon colony itself -- and nearby Mahal, which was converted to
the Solar Ray -- came through intact even though it must have been Target One on
everyone's hit list.

I suspect that Zeon covered its head and let the rest of Side 3 fend for


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