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> Zeon's supply lines would probably hamstring its military, whereas
> the Federation does benefit from having more bases. This translate to a
> lesser ability for Zeon to project military power over longer distances,
> while the Federation gets a boost because of it. (Although we do see that in
> 0083, the Federation does screw up and run out of fuel..)

A great deal of Zeon's early and subsequent success depended on Federation
incompetence and corruption. Not that Zeon wasn't also corrupt, but their
military seems to have been a lot more competent. This follows the basic
premise that the aggressors have trained and honed themselves to a fine edge and
have a clear plan of action, while the relatively pacifistic Federation,
although tense and ready, is also without such a plan until late in the game.

It helps that, just as the Federation is getting back on its feet, Zeon is
beginning to crumble from overextension, exhaustion, internal strife and its own
brand of incompetence, born of personal ambition and overconfidence.

> Actually, how big must a nuke be to render a cylinder (in particular
> Zeon's closed type cylinders) inhabitable? Be it containminated or utterly
> destroyed, how big must the nuke be?
> Conventional warheads won't be really useful against a cylinder
> unless used in really large numbers, right?

The answer depends on you definition of "uninhabitable" -- the Texas colony was
turned into a desert by damage to its mirrors and, although it wasn't entirely
abandoned, it was for all intents and purposes destroyed insofar as it was no
longer a fit place to live. Formerly a Western themed resort, it became a ghost

The space colony ecosystem is finely balanced and therefore fragile. It won't
last long if there's major damage to the mirrors, farmsats, or industrial block.
And what happens if the docking bay block is sealed off so that nothing can get
in or out?

> Would the Treaty hold after the OYW? Since the Treaty was signed
> between Zeon and the Federation, and Zeon lost the war (and, AFAIK, was
> almost a non-entity just after the war), does the Treaty still hold water?

The Treaty of Granada reaffirmed the ban on NBC and extended it in perpetuity.
It's still in effect in UC 0087, which is why the Bunch 30 Incident is such a

> >Snuffed out Degin Zabi pretty well. I think Giren thought he got his
> >money's worth :-)
> Let's see, cost to evacuate one cylinder, cost to convert to one BIG
> laser, and cost of collateral damage. Boy, Degin Zabi was sure
> expensive. (^_^)

Ah, but the return on investment is all the marbles. You can blow away 49%
percent of the resources and still make a profit.


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