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Mark writes:

> Ah, so you reckon that funnels are useful if there are no enemy newtypes
> around to spoil the fun, eh? Tough to say, since the only time I can recall
> when funnels were used against non-newtypes is the Quin Mantha blowing up
> the La Vie En Rose, which is hardly a fair fight. :-)

There's lots of examples of funnels/bits being useful against non-newtypes.
Off the top of my head, Quess does a fair amount of damage with her psycom
equipment in the CCA movie. Lalah blows up some ships in First Gundam,
right? The Qubeley also strikes fear into the likes of Emma and Reccoa
(who're not Newtypes of the caliber we're discussing) though that mostly
results in weapons getting blown up (before intervention, anyway.) There's
quite a bit of collateral carnage at the end of ZZ too, though most of the
fighting is between Newtypes.

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