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> I don't know about rotational gravity on the axis (does it even rotate?)
> but Puru used her Quebeley funnels inside the populated area in a playground
> with kids around and when they deactivated, they just dropped onto the
> ground. Personally, the image i get of the funnels from that scene is that
> they're basically these little things that do whatever the NT wants it to...

Axis is basically just a rock, although there are caverns and tunnels all
through it, especially around the four giant rocket engines at what is nominally
the "stern" when Axis is being moved.

A spherical habitat called Mauser or Mowsa (depending on how strictly one
interprets the katakana) is literally strapped to the upper "prow" of Axis
proper by heavy cables. I've never seen a cutaway view of this, but I gather
that there's another sphere or possibly a squat cylinder inside that spins to
provide "gravity" for the occupants. Connection to Axis proper is through a
tube at the "bottom" of the sphere, indicating a vertical orientation, since
this tube would have to be the, ahem, axis of Mauser on Axis.

It's hard to gauge size here, but I'd venture that Mauser is about the size of a
Bernal sphere, so it would have to rotate at 2 RPM to give the inhabitants
Earth-normal gravity.


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