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>The other colonies had no effective military, just an internal local police
>force and a Federation garrison whose only space weaponry was ship based.

        Remember; I suggested with the same amount of time Zeon had to build
up their military, any Side can also build up an equivalent military,
especially if there is a credible threat against it.

>There was simply no defense against them other than natural barriers like the
>English Channel, the (Rain) Forest Primeval, and Old Man Winter.

        The (Rain) Forest Primeval actually didn't help much -- the Japanese
went through it rather than along the roads as expected by the British in
the Malaya Peninsula.

>And a 20-meter humanoid fighting machine constitutes a juggernaut in and of
>itself. (^_^)

        Very true. (^_^)

>It's up to Zeon to shoot them all down before they get there. As previously
>noted with regard to rocks and pebbles, at orbital velocities a kinetic weapon
>doesn't even need a warhead.

        No, and neither does Zeon needs to shoot them down -- they just need
to provide something for the missiles to run into. Say.. a sea of sand?

        True, it's hard to maintain, but such a cheap defense (since you can
make it out of any waste material you have on hand) is often the best way to
get rid of a pesky problem.

>That and the question of whether there were nukes at Odessa and, of course, the
>GP02A, which violates both the Antarctic and Granada Treaties.

        As I asked early, does the Treaties hold after the OYW?

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