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At 14:20 06/21/2000 -0700, Mark Simmons wrote:
>That leaves a single Side 7 research colony, Luna Two, and the remnants of
>Sides 1, 2, and 4 as the Federation's only space assets; collectively, these
>pale beside the resources of Side 3 and its space fortresses.

        Does it really? each of these Sides (1,2,4 and 7), Luna 2 and Earth
itself probably had more manufacturing capabilities in total than Side 3
alone. Although they might take a while to activate, the Federation's
control over these vital material and manufacturing plants would be their
main asserts over Side 3.

        Furthermore, I believe that these Sides would provide a base for
recruitment? The Federation will have more access to troops over the long
term; Zeon can only rely on their own Side, since they actively practiced
genocide against all other Sides instead of occupying them.

        In short, what I'm saying is that the Federation is a juggernaut
which is slow to respond, but close to unstoppable once it gets started. In
fact, one can view the Titan's oppression of the Sides years later as the
continuation of the same war..

        OTOH, Zeon is like a razorblade -- it had an excellent army, which
can easily slice any opposition apart early in the war. Zeon relies heavily
on shock and aggressive tactics early in the war to achieve victory, but
once the enemy survive the shock and start grinding Zeon down, Zeon simply
has no staying power to last very long against such an opposition.

> Nah, A Bao A Qu wasn't operational until the middle of the war. Ditto

        Zeon attacked without its forward defenses ready? I can understand
if Solomon took some time to activate fully, but not having Abowaku
(A'Bao'A'Qu) ready at the start of the war is akin to leaving your front
door open for the thieves..

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