Ben Koshy (
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 01:09:19 -0700

Well, I've been working on this the last few months...its not quite to the
level I want it yet but if I waited for perfection, the site would never
have been released... :)

You guys can check it out at

There are 750 kits in the database right now, mainly B-Club and Bandai but
I'll be adding more kits soon.

I haven't added the reviews that I have stored up...but if anyone has
reviews on any particular kit they'd like to add, let me know...I'll be
adding reviews in a few days with full author credit.I'm going to be tying
it into the our Model Gallery section so we can see some of the
fan-constructed editions as well as the traditional professional/stock
images of the models.

Also, I'd like some feedback on the actual Navigation interface...this one
was a hard one because there are so many things that models relate I
stuck mainly to suits relations, series relation, and the actual model kit
series. Mind you, I'm not a modeller so any feedback is appreciated...I've
been trying bring myself upto speed on the various kits, techniques etc.

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