Neil Baumgardner (
Wed, 21 Jun 2000 23:54:44 -0400

During a business trip to northern NJ, I had the opportunity to stop by
one of Kinokuniya's stores and pick up some stuff. One of them is the
Gundam Century Renewal Version, which is pretty cool itself, but also
The Gundam Chronicles: The History of Mobile Suit Gundam Animations,
1979-1999, a B.Media (Bandai?) Books Special which apparently came out
early last year. As the subtitle says, it covers all the Gundam series,
including mobile suits, ships, and characters. Does anyone know anything
about this book? Is it indeed by Bandai?

BTW, I noticed that on page 128 of the book, as part of the 0083 MS, it
has a small inset for Delaz's Dom. It says MS-09F (but notably not
MS-09F/TROP, which is identified seperately). Does it indeed identify
Delaz's suit as the elusive Dom Funf?


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