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> Juggernauts? The Federation might be a juggernaut due to its larger
> population base, but Zeon is by no means a juggernaut. While it does have a
> larger population base than other Sides by virture of its closed cylinder
> types, it is a David vs. Goliath fight when you compare the pure military
> numbers of Zeon vs. Federation. Had another Side went independent and
> started building its military for a decade, it would probably come close to
> matching Zeon's capabilities at the start of the OYW.

At the opening of the War, Zeon had a monopoly on MS, which outclassed
everything in the Federation arsenal. The other colonies had no effective
military, just an internal local police force and a Federation garrison whose
only space weaponry was ship based.

The situation is analogous to WW2, with the German Blitzkreig (aircraft and
armor) in Europe and the Japanese expansion (aircraft and infantry supported by
naval artillery) in the Pacific. There was simply no defense against them other
than natural barriers like the English Channel, the (Rain) Forest Primeval, and
Old Man Winter. Had it not been for the factories in America, defended by both
the Atlantic and the Pacific despite the worst that the German U-boat and
Japanese Zero could do, there would've been no recovery from that initial blast,
Axis overextension and exhaustion notwithstanding.

And a 20-meter humanoid fighting machine constitutes a juggernaut in and of
itself. (^_^)

> Granted that the Federation might have had the weapons necessary to
> inflict that much damage to Zeon's population base, but as I pointed out,
> could the Federation had gotten all these weapons to Side 3?

If they were already pointed at Zeon -- and who else was giving them trouble? --
it's just a matter of firing them. Newtonian physics takes care of the rest.
It's up to Zeon to shoot them all down before they get there. As previously
noted with regard to rocks and pebbles, at orbital velocities a kinetic weapon
doesn't even need a warhead.

> I believe you are referring to Zeon's nuclear attack on Side 6 in
> 0080? I believe that someone else pointed out that Side 6 was not covered by
> the Treaty and was free game for this kind of attack.

That and the question of whether there were nukes at Odessa and, of course, the
GP02A, which violates both the Antarctic and Granada Treaties. When the Titans
take charge, they adopt the prohibited nerve gas wholeheartedly. Again, neither
side was very humanitarian and both sides were opportunistic.

> Did the Federation ever break the Treaty during the OYW?

I've never seen the original series, just the movies and the novelizations.
There's that question about Odessa, but I've never seen it resolved. Mark?


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