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>Subject: [gundam] Question about ZZ Gundam
>In the first episode(The preview/ Z retrospective/Music video/mecha
>review/history lesson) it seems to hint that mobile suits evolved out
>of small mechanical laborsuits, instead of being developed specifically
>as combat machines by Kishiria...I'm slightly confused...were the first
>MS really colony labor robots, or the Zaku prototypes?

Ypu're not the only one to draw this conclusion. The writers of Animag did a
"feature" tracing the evolution of the "Hydro-Skeleton" into the Mobile Suit.

It's the other way around.

First came the Mobile Suit, weapon of war.

Then came the Middle Mobile Suit, about half the height of the MS, used for
construction and (as seen in Gundam 0080) civil defense. The latter role is
analogous to mounting weapons on jeeps, trucks, and other utility vehicles, as
was actually done in North Africa to combat Rommel's Arika Korps armored cavalry
during WW2. The MS-06V Zaku Tank is in that category, combining parts from the
Zaku and the Magella to create a construction vehicle, but it was still a
military machine because the construction jobs were military engineering stuff,
like the Navy "Sea Bee" (for "CB" or Construction Batallion) and the Army Corp
of Engineers.

Further downsizing and civilianizing resulted in the Petite Mobile Suit, which
is what Jude uses in the Shangri-La scrapyards. We first see it used in Z
Gundam, which also introduced the Junior Mobile Suit. The Junior is an "extreme
sports" machine, basically a scale model of an MS, without a head. Like the
Petite MS, the cockpit is in the chest, but there's no protective dome and the
pilot is exposed. Camille was a Junior MS champion at his school.

The last category is Replica and Hobby MS. These are either unarmed recreations
or disarmed original MS used for sport, like the P-51 Mustang from WW2. An
RMS-106H Hobby Hizack is featured in Char's Counterattack and we see a whole
bunch of Replica MS in Gundam ZZ.

Circa 0090, the Mobile Work Suit (MWS) makes its appearance -- a full-sized MS
designed for construction, but always amenable to militarization.


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